It’s not going to be easy, I’ve got a hairband to live up to…


There were just a few missed chances with Flatline is all.


At one point he held out his hand from the tiny TARDIS and she held it for comfort…ahhhh.” - #AskJamieMathieson (x)

A missed opportunity so I ended up doodling it before my meeting! 


I love you. lets go.

         . . . my friend . . . 
. . . is gone . . .

The Doctor Clara

♥Twelve and Clara ~ Bumper Cars♥ 

My newest Twelve and Clara video, longer than usual but I hope you all like it


The Doctor and Clara | Mummy on the Orient Express by veradune


When 12 has his hearts in it, he gives the best hugs (otherwise he’s kind of like ‘how do hug’). Clara, meanwhile, is a wildcard.


                      "They're always brave"